A new study book authored by IPA authors: Applications of the Autonomic Nervous System in Clinical Practice

The content of the publication has been meticulously crafted by the esteemed authors Ladislav Kočan MD, FIPP, PhD. , Róbert Rapčan MD, FIPP, MBA, PhD. and Dušan Rybár MD,PhD. into two distinct sections. The first section offers a comprehensive overview of the anatomical and physiological aspects of the nervous system, while the second section  provides a … Read more

ADVANCES IN PAIN THERAPY – Interventional Pain Academy cadaveric workshop

On the 19th and 20th of April a one-day course was held twice consecutively at the premises of NANO Medical GmbH located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. About             Our hands-on cadaver workshop was designed to focus on having a small number of participants to permit maximum opportunity for a personal experience from which the educational … Read more

Endoscopic discectomy procedure with overlap into stem cell therapy

A rare procedure performed on a young 17-year-old patient involving the aplication of autologous stem cells to two levels of the intervertebral disc!             The patient presents with radicular pain in the L4/5 dermatome on the left side, lasting for more than 6 weeks, MRI findings a paracentral disc herniation at the L4/5 level and a … Read more

9th February Prague “One Man Show” Denervation of the Basivertebral Nerve and The Application of Stem cells from bone marrow concentrate intradiscal.

Workshop with unique and innovative procedures! Last week on Friday, we hosted Dr. Sudhir Diwan in Prague, who is an expert in regenerative medicine in the USA. We spent the morning with the theoretical-lecture part, followed by two unique procedures – Denervation of the Basivertebral Nerve and The Application of Stem cells from bone marrow … Read more

Slovakian debut of basivertebral nerve denervation.

The first basivertebral nerve denervation procedure in Slovakia was performed by the specialists of EuroPainClinics under the direction of Dr Robert Rapcan, MD, FIPP, PhD, MBA in co-operation with Dr Juraj Mlaka, MD, FIPP, EDRA at the clinic in Kosice. With the successful completion of this procedure, the EuroPainClinics specialists are once again proof of … Read more

MaxMoreSpine Award

The prestigious award for extraordinary contribution and achievements in the field of spinal endoscopic procedures was received by esteemed members of the faculty headed by the founder of the Interventional Pain Academy Dr. Robert Rapcan, FIPP, MBA, PhD., from the global manufacturer of endoscopic technologiesand our esteemed partner company MaxMoreSpine System. The MaxMoreSpine award is another important … Read more

1st PanEurope Interventional PainManagement Series

The international medical workshop organized by the Interventional Pain Academy as part of the Pan Europe Interventional Pain Management Series Updates & Innovations educational project took place on November 10 and 11 in Prague at the Yalta Hotel. The workshop focused on news and technical skills of ultrasound application in interventional algesiology. The program of … Read more

A professional article by members of the IPA was published by the Medical Science 

The extensive publication activity of the IPA faculty members was newly supplemented by a professional article by Robert Rapcan MD, FIPP, MBA, PhD., Ladislav Kocan MD., PhD., FIPP, and the team “Cryoablation of intercostal nerve after mini-thoracotomy procedures: Pilot prospective interventional clinical study”,published by the international medical science journal. Link: https://discoveryjournals.org/medicalscience/current_issue/v27/n142/e384ms3258.pdf             Due to a number of clinical benefits, such as minimal … Read more

2nd IPA free online webinar

Róbert Rapčan M.D., FIPP, MBA, PhD. – „Disc herniation – Innovative Management Including Endoscopy“ Juraj Mláka MD., FIPP, EDRA – „Nocebo ( Licence to harm)“

1st IPA free online webinar

Róbert Rapčan M.D., FIPP, MBA, PhD. – „Endoscopic facet joint & SI joint denervation inicial experience“ Michal Matias M.D., FIPP. – „Transforaminal endoscopic discectomy“