Endoscopic discectomy procedure with overlap into stem cell therapy

A rare procedure performed on a young 17-year-old patient involving the aplication of autologous stem cells to two levels of the intervertebral disc!

            The patient presents with radicular pain in the L4/5 dermatome on the left side, lasting for more than 6 weeks, MRI findings a paracentral disc herniation at the L4/5 level and a partially dehydrated disc at the L5/S1 level. Following endoscopic discectomy at the L4/5 disc on the left side, Dr. Rapcan applied autologous stem cells harvested from the iliac bone to the levels of L4/5 and L5/S1 intradiscally, intraannulary and peridiscally.The patient is pain-free postoperatively with no motor or sensory deficits. 

            Information on the combined procedure of endoscopic discectomy and stem cell therapy will be part of Dr. Rapcan’s lecture Endoscopic discectomy fro A of Z. At the workshop in Frankfurt. 

Further informations about workshop: