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Medical education and training in minimally invasive pain management and interventional procedures.


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Warsaw 2024 – Dialogues of Pain

The hands-on cadaver workshop will be for a limited number of participants. Will be led by experienced faculty members and will cover anatomy, patient …

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We are a team of individuals who have been dedicated to patients with chronic non-cancer pain for many years in our daily practice. We use ultrasound and X-ray navigation in our work. Our clinical repertoire also includes endoscopic disc surgeries, endoscopic SI and facet joint denervation, which have reached a total of 5000 endoscopic procedures. All of our physicians hold FIPP certifications, we are active in education, and we engage in scientific and publishing activities.


Thanks to our partners during our workshops, we teach how to provide treatment through innovative, scientifically based and patient-friendly procedures that represent the absolute top of today’s world intervention medicine. All provided information is based on the knowledge of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and follow the international recommendations of SIS (Spine Intervention Society). At the same time, the results of our own research activities (EuroPainClinics Clinical Studies) are applied in clinical practice. We share our knowledge on how to provide treatment in outpatient care and in a one-day surgery regimen (the patient returns to his home on the same day after the procedure).