Slovakian debut of basivertebral nerve denervation.

The first basivertebral nerve denervation procedure in Slovakia was performed by the specialists of EuroPainClinics under the direction of Dr Robert Rapcan, MD, FIPP, PhD, MBA in co-operation with Dr Juraj Mlaka, MD, FIPP, EDRA at the clinic in Kosice.

With the successful completion of this procedure, the EuroPainClinics specialists are once again proof of their world-class level of expertise. 

Their high level of expertise will also be confirmed by their participation as lecturers at the next workshop of the Interventional Pain Academy in Frankfurt am Main.

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Friday 19th April:

Saturday 20th April:

What is a procedure called basivertebral nerve denervation?

Basivertebral nerve denervation is a procedure for patients with chronic low back pain who have not responded to conservative treatment or who have not had long-term results from conservative treatment.

Intravertebral disc degeneration can occur at any time during a person’s life. This leads to changes in the endplates and degeneration of the vertebral bodies (the upper and lower parts of the bones that make up the spine).

The degenerated vertebral body endplates are innervated by the basivertebral nerve. The nerve sends pain signals to the brain.

Basal nerve denervation is an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure in which the vertebral body is accessed through a small skin incision under fluoroscopic (X-ray) guidance.

A cannula is inserted through the vertebral body close to the trunk of the lower spinal nerve. A radiofrequency probe is then inserted through the cannula. This is used to ‘heat’ or ‘ablate’ the nerve using a radiofrequency generator, resulting in the cessation of pain signal transmission.

In the past, this type of chronic back pain has been very difficult to treat, but with advances in medicine there are now treatments available.

Now with advances in medicine there are more treatment options available, join us and learn more…