Håkan Alfredson

Prof, MD, PhD

Professor Dr. Håkan Alfredson, PhD., Is a renowned international orthopedic surgeon and professor of sports medicine, who has been treating patients with sports and exercise injuries for more than 30 years, including top athletes. He is one of the world’s leading consultants specializing in the treatment of chronic tendon pain. In this area, he carried out several years of research in cooperation with the University of Umeå, which brought significant results in the development of new treatment methods, especially in the treatment of chronic pain of the Achilles tendon, patellar tendon and other tendons. Professional specialization in the field of ultrasonic technology was acquired by prof. Alfredson at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. As the main speaker, he participates in many international conferences and seminars and is engaged in intensive publishing activities, which include about 150 professional articlew. He worked as a doctor for the Swedish national junior hockey team and a doctor for the professional hockey team Färjestad BK.