10-11 November 2023 Prague, Czech republic
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Róbert Rapčan


Robert Rapcan is the Medical Director of the EuroPainClinics network. He is FIPP Examiner (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) of the World Institute of Pain, he is a member of the elite Advisory Board of the international educational portal for physicians PainCast. Majority of his clinical work has been spread between Sweden and Slovakia, for 5 years he also used to be the Head of Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management at the United Kingdom Specialist Hospitals in the UK. Dr. Rapčan has for a long time maintained the trend of introducing innovative treatment methods and techniques, special methodologies and the latest medical device technologies into the clinical practice. He has a master degree in Ultrasound guided techniques in Pain Medicine and he has authored and co-authored many book-chapters and research papers.