Ľubomír Poliak


Specialist in minimally-invasive and endoscopic treatment of the spine.

            Ľubomír Poliak MD., FIPP is a certified pain management specialist, anesthesiologist and intensivist, specialist in minimally-invasive and endoscopic pain treatment. Ľubomír Poliak MD. holds the prestigious FIPP (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) international medical certification, which is a confirmation of high professional competence in the precise and safe control of interventional techniques, he is authorized (together with a national license) to perform these specialized techniques all over the world. The certification is awarded by the World Institute of Pain.

            He specializes in regenerative treatment with autologous plasma under X-ray navigation, denervation techniques – cryoanalgesia, and is currently the only doctor in Slovakia performing percutaneous balloon decompression of the trigeminal ganglion to alleviate neuralgic facial pain. He is engaged in active publication activities and is a speaker on domestic and foreign professional grounds.