Arun Bhaskar


Arun Bhaskar, M.D., FIPP, a leading international physician in pain management, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kerala in India and completed his specialist training in England (interventional pain management, anesthesiology and intensive care).

            Dr. Bhaskar has a special interest in the treatment of complex pain, including neuropathic pain, cancer pain, visceral and pelvic pain, pain interventions, and neuromodulation. He also has a specific interest in the use of opiates in the treatment of complex cancer pain, as well as the treatment of opiate dependence and its management in the population of patients with pain. He has conducted several clinical studies in cancer pain and neuropathic cancer pain, including chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. He has been involved in the development of new techniques for the interventional treatment of pain, including unstable cancer pain.

            Dr. Bhaskar works at many world faculties and courses, including the European Pain School, where he is a member of the probationary commission for a European diploma in pain management. He is an examiner for the FIPP international exams of the World Institute of Pain. He is an active publisher in many scientific journals such as EuroPean Pain News and is also the editor of the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine.

            Dr. Bhaskar is a member of a number of global organisations such as the British Pain Society, the Society’s Interventional Pain Special Interest Group (SIG), where he chairs the Communications Committee, the Honorary Secretary of the Neuromodulation Society of Britain and Ireland (NSUKI) and the current chair of the British Section of the World Pain Institute. Dr. Bhaskar is an advisor to the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Care (NICE) on intervention procedures, cancer pain and has been a co-opted member of the Palliative Care Development Guidelines Group