10-11 November 2023 Prague, Czech republic
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Arleta Witkowska-Łuczak


Arleta Witkowska-Łuczak MD. studied at Poznan University of Medical Sciences Poland.  

She currently works as a radiologist and is the chairman of the the board at Centrum Medyczne Diagnosis, Zalasewo, Poland.As a radiologist, she specializes in MSK USG, Other USG (e.g. abdominal), Ultrasound guided injections, Puncture of hematomas and cysts, Drug application into joints and bursae, PRP application in the treatment for musculoskeletal injuries, Ultrasound guided barbotage for calcific tendonitis.
As a chairman she is responsible for managing the medical and marketing aspects of a private clinic cooperating with more than 40 doctors in a wide range of medical specialties.

She is the author and leads several courses such as Coauthor of online courses for the Polish Society of Physiotherapy, Ultrasound guided injections – PoznańLab, Upper limb USG, International Poznan Course in Upper Extremity Surgery – Forearm, Wrist, Hand, National conference ‘Non-operational methods of MSK treatment’ Torun, Poland
Her hobbies are trekking, running and cycling.