Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing directly inside the human body in the least invasive way possible?

  • Ultrasound offers this possibility but in an indirect way and requires an interpretation of the signals returned by the machine.
  • Endoscopy enables you to see directly into the body but remains reserved for surgical blocks and remains invasive.

The new medical device EvoTouch+7StarScope, coupling both technologies on a single device, brings new functionalities to interventional imaging. It allows you to switch from procedures previously performed blind to procedures performed with direct vision, letting you “put your eyes directly at the tip of your needle”.


  • The extreme thinness of the micro-endoscope allows its insertion into a multiports cannula (18 gauge) and the injection or puncture of different fluids.
  • Ultrasound enables precise initial location of the needle path in the tissue.
  • Endoscopy offers an immediate view of the body structures in front of the needle bevel to increase the precision and safety of interventional procedures.
  • The endoscopy and ultrasound coupling of the EvoTouch+7StarScope offers an alternative to the C-arm in the operating room, avoiding any exposure of patients and medical staff to ionizing radiation.
  • The use in percutaneous procedures (reduction of scars and post-surgical risks) allows micro-invasive procedures and avoid the need for operating theatres.

1st time Ultrasound endoscope EVOTOUCH+7STARSCOPE

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